The Snail Lamp

A cute smooth modern characature. Looks fantastic in a window, or on a floor or bedside. Fun and delightful.

Snail Lamp 26cm wide, mains powered adapter 12V with 1.5m cable & lamp switch. Shipping with UK 3 Pin and EU 2 Pin Adapters. Style code: .
Size 20cm at highest point, 26cm wide/long and 10cm in depth.
Available Colours Lime Green, Pastel Blue, Pastel Pink.
Lamp Base Non user replaceable 12V DC 1W LED rated for 20,000hrs.
Electrical Wall adapter High quality 110-220v to 12V DC switching adapter.
Material Plastic (PVC) body, with 1W LED module and 12V adapter.
Warranty 2 years, registration required online [here]

Our lamps are hand made, oven baked and hand painted by hardworking folk in the deepest valleys of central Europe. The lamps are hand finished to meticulous standards, and are subjected to rigourous Quality Assurance checks by the chief, who as well as being well versed in EU safety regulations is also an accompished panpiper.

Each lamp body is crafted from our handmade clay designs, therefore on some designs the surface is intentionally uneven, scuplture like, to capture the hand made essence. Wonderful fluctuations in the runs of colour, small air bubbles, varying shadows and shades in the lamp bodies, are all part and parcel of our delightful lamps and are entirely normal.

No two lamps are therefore the same. Our high quality lamps are all individual in their own right.

Here are the instructions and EU energy label as provided with our lamps. Each lamp is QR coded, scanning the code brings you to the relevant support pages, and links to your warranty. Each lamp is also allocated a unique serial number.
Click thumbnails to open and download.


Country Service Shipping Notes
Benelux BPost/DHL 5.00 EUR 3-5 days
Eurozone 1 PostNL 5.00 EUR 5-7 days
Eurozone 2 PostNL/DPD 5.00 EUR 7-10 days
Worldwide PostNL/DHL 15.00 EUR

EuroZone 1 = Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.
EuroZone 2 = Central EuroZone.
Worldwide = Rest of the World, additional fees may apply, please contact us before ordering.

Our Snail Lamp was inspired by our love of the garden. So that is where we drew our colour schemes from. 18cm heigh and 300g. He's a cheeky chap and likes to crawl infront of a modern windowbox or across the floor in a country home, or in a toddlers bedroom. Cute as anything, he makes little ones and adults beam.

Our lamps are crafted from our own hand made designs. We source the bodies and LED's from across Europe, and assemble and distribute from our warehouse in Belgium. In the box: lamp, 12v adapter, instructions, energy label and, 2 year warantee certificate.


2.50 EUR in Belgium. See Shipping tab for international.

Original designs

Inspired. Child friendly.

Ultra low power

20,000hrs LED A++.

Hand crafted

Labour made with love.

Fully certified

Protecting little ones.

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